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T2 roof top air conditioner - Energy efficient air conditioning

T2 roof top air conditioner optimized for air conditioning and energy conversion as part of the building and built for a life cycle of the building. Can they afford a compromise? The T2 roof top air conditioner became the No. 1 in the market, available in different systems and standards. It surprises with aesthetic beauty and practical servicing possibility. Also suitable for Minergie standard.

Mountair - T2 Dachzentrale
Customer benefits T2 roof top air conditioners are part of your building cover. This is why the T2 device is decoupled thermally and thick. For the advertising you specify:
  • Two level of wall sealing
  • Water penetration protection
  • Short assembly times by modular delivery
  • Many colours and materials available
  • Freely determinable dimensions
  • High sound absorption
Description Mountair roof top devices and air conditioners in the construction system T2 fulfill the highest demands in service comfort and operational ease and thermal as well as technical innovation and quality. This becomes clear with the construction of the outside bowl of the device.

The profiles form beside the structure inside and outside a continuous hermetic level and in between a clean thermal separation. The device is thick like a metal facade or a conservatory.

The appearance of a T2 is convincing: in glass, in color, in chrome steel, in aluminum, with metal roof.

Coupled with maintenance simplifications and accesibility will lower the operating costs. The integrated heat recovery is in accordance with Minergie standards.
  • Sauter Bachmann (Netstal, Baujahr 2006, KVS AIRSOL, 2 x 60'000 m3/h)
  • SBB Bahnhof Bern
  • Others
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T2 roof top air conditioner
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