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Applications of air conditioning and energy conversion

Mountair AG gets on as a comprehensive system supplier for the air conditioning and energy conversion systems. Customized arrangements, devices, products and services lead to efficient and optimized solutions in the most different areas of application. Get to know more about the specific areas of application and Mountair systems.


System choice

Optimized solutions for industrial, commercial, public and private applications:
1. Living, food, fresh air
2. Retail and offices
3. School, education, sport arena
4. Hospital, traffic, terminals
5. Industry and processing
6. Industry and technology

System components

1. Recirculation air systems
2. Plate heat exchanger systems
3. Rotor heat exchanger systems
4. Circuit connected systems
5. DEZECOR® DESI systems
6. Cooling systems


Information about the quality of single components and elements of Mountair systems and solutions.

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