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Circuit connected systems: Airsol Inside ABL

Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL
Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL
Airsol Inside ABL
Airsol Pool KVS
Umwelt KVS
Kreislaufverbundsysteme: Airsol Inside ABL

Functional description

Circuit connected system (CCS) transports energy through a water-glycol mixture from the exhaust air to the fresh air. The heat transference from the glycol mix to the air occurs over lamellar heat exchangers (LHE). See Quality Description of Airsol ® CCS with controllers. Adiabatic cooling makes exhaust air moistened.

Besides, the following humidity systems are applied:

  • Conctact humidifier with softened water. Circulation water with automatic water and UV lamps. Mountair standard equipment KVS-AD.
  • High-pressure atomizer inserted. Followed by desalinated water. Sensible application with concurrent fresh air humidifier in winter within the same unit.

Ventilating fan with belt drive and frequency umformer as well as volume control / pressure control. Regulation of the Glycol mass stream depending on the aerial masses stream for maximum use. Binding WAGOBUS interface as a substation.


For fresh air CCS units. Aggressive exhaust air. Rope's mole and exhaust air device with high corrosion prevention Q4 ATEX-Conformation. CCS exhaust air without AD for the most frequent applications. With unilaterally sucking ventilating fans for strongly loaded exhaust air.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 488 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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