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Circuit connected systems: Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL

Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL
Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL
Airsol Inside ABL
Airsol Pool KVS
Umwelt KVS
Kreislaufverbundsysteme: Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL

Functional description

Circuit connected system (CCS) transport energy through water-glycol mixture from the exhaust air to the fresh air. The warm transference from the Glycol mix to the air occurs over lamellar heat exchangers (LHE). See quality description for Airsol ® CCS with controllers. Postheating if required with PWW. Postcooler with KW cooler of external refrigerator Ecocold External (EE). Ventilating fan with belt drive and frequency converter as well as volume control / pressure control. Regulation of fresh air temperature depending on the load or consistently. Protection against frost thermostat. Regulation of glycol mass streams integrates into dependence of the aerial mass streams. Electric switch board, internal wiring, binding WAGOBUSS interface and modem.


Hospital constructions, lab constructions, chemistry, pharmacy, drugstores, decolletagen, pressing workshop, stores, fair halls, kitchens, restaurants, office buildings, biolab university building, administration building, theater, museum, fine-mechanical manufacture rooms, process-technical space airing. Renovations where fresh and exhaust air cannot be brought together. Primary air arrangements for the supply of building zones and space zones. Airflows completely separate, separate treatment, no cross contamination. Dry fresh air with 70% efficiency. Integrated mechanical postcooling.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 488 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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