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Circuit connected systems: Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL

Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL
Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL
Airsol Inside ABL
Airsol Pool KVS
Umwelt KVS
Kreislaufverbundsysteme: Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL

Functional description

KVS3 system means that in the fresh air there is the big battery WRG split on 2 LWT's. During the year the drying glycol mix circulates through heat exchangers. A cooler is located between them for drying codensation. After that, air needs preliminary cooling. Cooling from (ITS) external refridgerator. The fan with a belt drive and the converter of frequency, and also with regulation of volume and the controller of pressure. Adjustment of supply air temperature depending on loading or a constant. Regulation of a dew-point for the connected humidifying supply air with application of 2 water heaters. Theromostat protection against freezing. For peak efficiency the weight of ethilen glycol is adjusted depending on the weight of air.


Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutics, drugstores, shops, exhibition pavilions, table, restaurants, administrative buildings, biolaboratories of high schools, theatres, museums, premises of manufacture of fine mechanics, ventilation of technical processes. Sanitation, where inflow and extract are split. Installations of fresh air for feed zones of a building and premises. Streams of air are completely divided, separate processing, any pollution. Efficiency dry supply air of 70 %. Mechanical cooling is integrated.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 488 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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