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Circuit connected systems: Airsol Pool KVS

Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL
Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL
Airsol Inside ABL
Airsol Pool KVS
Umwelt KVS
Kreislaufverbundsysteme: Airsol Pool KVS

Functional description

High efficiency heat recovery Airsol® with an intermediate heat-carrier. The warm and damp stream of exhaust air is cooled in heat exchanger and in the evaporator after which the air is condensed. Cooled dry air mix with variable external air also is warmed up in supply air heat exchanger. In supply air side necessary energy of heat from the air condenser is separated (constantly), surpluses of heat are allocated above the water condenser for use. The pump, regulation of pressure of the condenser and parallel use is integrated into the unit. In transitive area the part of a stream of exhaust air passes through the heat exchanger. Then plenty of external air is necessary for the active control of humidity. Warming up as required in PWW. The exhaust fan with direct drive. The supply air fan with a 2-step belt drive. Regulation of humidity and temperatures. A compact case of automatics with LONBUS interface and modem. Regulation of the set parameters of humidity and temperatures of supply air by means of the gauge.


Installations of comfortable air conditioning for fitness of the centers, the closed pools and saunas. Use of allocating heat from drying, as heat-carrier for swimming pools. Efficiency of temperature of supply air lays within the limits of 75 %. Alternatively applicable for: renovation and central roof top conditioners.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 490 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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