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Circuit connected systems: Umwelt KVS

Airsol Inside KVS2 ZUL
Airsol Inside KVS3 ZUL
Airsol Inside ABL
Airsol Pool KVS
Umwelt KVS
Kreislaufverbundsysteme: Umwelt KVS

Functional description

High efficiency heat recovery Airsol® with an intermediate heat-carrier (?CS). Supply air is preliminarily conditioned by the exhaust air. The second heating if necessary on PWW. Increase with "soft cooling" adiabatic humidification of exhaust air. Exhaust air is cooled by humidifying up to temperature of the wet thermometer. Now this " cold temperature " moves with CCS in supply air. Decrease in temperature up to 8-10?. Adiabatic cooling transfer of humidity..

Thus following systems of humidifiers are applied:

  • Contact humidifiers. They are maintained with softened water. Standard Mountair equipment.
  • Humidifiers for high pressure. They are maintained with freshened water. Rational application in simultaneous supply air humidification in winter.

Cooling by means of refridgerator Ecocold Extern (EE). Fans with a converter of frequency, and also with regulation of volume and pressure control, temperature and humidity. Automatics and electropanel board are integrated. Interface and modem.


Hospital constructions, lab constructions, chemistry, pharmacy, drugstores, decolletagen, stores, kitchens, restaurants, office buildings, seminar rooms, biolab, university building, administration building, theater, museum, contaminated manufacture rooms, process-technical space airing. Renovations where supply and exhaust air cannot be brought together.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 488 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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