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Mountair is a holistic supplier of air conditioning and energy conversion systems with its engineering and production headquarters in Switzerland.

Customized installations, products and related services enable efficient and optimized air conditioning systems. Mountair's expertise in air conditioning and energy conversion is built on more than 20 years of in-depth project experience in a multitude of application areas and industries, both nationally and internationally. Comprehensive project experience reaches from smaller installations in residential housing constructions, to high-end industrial and commercial systems as well as large-scale public projects such as hospitals and sports arenas.

Mountair - Mission


  • A creative restlessness in the market of climate solutions.
  • An obliging partner in the conversion.
  • Mountair is innovative for energy-optimum solutions.
  • The performances are aimed individually on economic/ecological edge terms. The arrangements are obliging promises.
  • In the engineering, on offer; the installation and the initial start-up.
  • We are oriented at the long term. For the customer central arguments of conformity, maintenance and backup are moved with the suitable construction system.

Mountair - Mission

Mountair brings fresh air to life

  • The S2 unit type and the roof central air conditioning systems of the T2 type are qualitatively leading. High-class elements are used. We maintain good engineering.
  • As a leading supplier of desiccant air systems and high efficiency heat recovery we are the ones who set the standards.
  • The applications require suitable climate systems. We show the possible solutions - from the basic device up to a ready integrated climate system with the Aircode.

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