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Desiccant Air Systems - Energy efficient air conditioning

It is fresh air comfort! Make use of our long-term experience on desiccant air systems. For actuating installations anticyclic heat, which improves health by means of dry air in the summer, is required. The main thing - reasonable capital expenses for purchase of system.

Mountair - Desiccant Air Systeme
Customer benefits You create cold using heat! You reduce the maintenance of heat in atmospheric air by humidifying it. Supply air system use:

  • Circulating coolers of air or static surfaces of cooling
  • Selective removal of moisture at a low temperature of regeneration
  • Removal of moisture by means of heat cooling
  • Climatisation is possible without the refrigerating unit
  • Special software available
  • Hygienic instructions are carried out in accordance with VDI 6022
Description Mountair can provide you with desiccant air systems of the following types: systems powered by solar batteries, with built-in thermal pump Desicool ®, with low-temperature secondary cooling.

It also means:
  • Low investment expenses
  • Lowered anticyclic consumption of energy

Absorbtion rotor connects molecules of the water, air passes through it. In a countercurrent, on the other hand, a rotor, the moisture which has been saved up in a rotor, leaves transferable weight together with recycled heat.

Due to the porous structure and fine pores of the transferring environment at disposal, there is a greater internal specific area. It makes it possible to get an excellent degree of regeneration at the minimal losses of pressure.

In moisture removal mode the rotor, depending on a stream of air weight/moisture, rotates in a range of 5-40 rev/min. Regulation of corresponding number of turns and bypass are calculated by the calculation system and are exposed at the factory with the collected drive (bypass is not always available). In winter operating mode, as restoration enthalpy increases the number of turns for the performance of the maximal efficiency, it follows a continuous establishing signal. The constant control over rotor performance is directly connected. The rotor is set in motion through transfer number of a reducer. Pressure of tension is kept to constants through spring hanger and compensates possible disbalance.

Simple check is guaranteed. Cleaning of the rotor is made by compressed air or water. Functions of protection and messages on defects, number of turns, as well as electric parameters (current, pressure, etc.) are supervised.
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Desiccant Air Systems
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