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DEZECOR® DESI: Dezecor Low Temp DESI

Edelweiss DESI
Dezecor Low Temp
New Age DESI
Desicube DESI
DEZECOR® DESI: Dezecor Low Temp DESI

Functional description

The DEC process with two rotors dries the fresh air in the first rotor (Dezecor) and cools the warmed up and dry air with adiabatic exhaust air moistening at the second, sensitive rotor. The exhaust air is heated up on regeneration temperature. This hot air drives the rotor and it takes the stored dampness from the Dezecor within further air under cooling. The heat is the driving impulse of the Desi process. Besides, the fresh air can be dried so strongly that it cools off by direct adiabatic moistening. High pressure humidifier with summer / winter change-over or a contact humidifier is used. Ventilating fans with frequency umformer and volume control. Complete process regulation of the rotors, bypass damper, regeneration and humidifier. Control panel integrated with electric switch board, interface and modem.


Fresh air for banks, blocks of flats, office houses, cinemas, schools and study places, lab constructions, packing, food, chill pieces of furniture, clean rooms. Process rooms, micro-production rooms and buildings with active moist control. Combination with cooling component.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 301 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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