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DEZECOR ® DESI: Overview

Edelweiss DESI
Dezecor Low Temp
New Age DESI
Desicube DESI
The classical DEC process with two rotors dries the fresh air in the first rotor (Dezecor) and in the second rotor (without moist transference) the warmed up and dry air is cooled by means of the adiabatical exhaust air moistening. The exhaust air is heated up on regeneration temperature. This hot air drives the rotor, it takes the stored dampness from the Dezecor rotor with further air. In the fresh air side - an enthalpy reduction takes place. Heat is the impulse energy of the Desi process. Besides, fresh air can be dried so strongly that it can be further cooled by direct adiabatic moistening.

The new Desiccant rotor especially for the aerial processing in systems DEC addresses the most important needs, derived from the experiences with the construction and company of sorptive climate systems. VOC's should be removed from the buildings and low temperature impulse heat is desirable.

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