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Gas engine heat pumps: Heating, cooling and climate control

For the absolutely best use of the primary energy - GAS. The device AISIN from Toyota surprises by its quietness and absolute dependability. They generate heat in winter and cold in summer with the same installation. Real alternative with high potential.

Mountair - Gasmotor WärmepumpenMountair - Gasmotor Wärmepumpe
Customer benefits Monovalent heating and cooling - you have the same device for the heating in winter (device works as a warm pump) and the cooling in summer (device works as a refrigerator).

The machine is driven by a gas engine - no raised electric need for air-conditioning. The impulse energy is always clean natural gas.

AISIN GHP's uses the engine heat, the performance figure in the heating company is thereby 160%. It is the most efficient heat producer! If required, the performance can be adapted to the engine speed optimally.

The primary power demand (gas) is reduced so strongly that you amortize the add-on costs for the investment shortly.
Description The AISIN GHP is a reversable warm pump that is driven by an endothermic gas engine. The energy transport to the consumers occurs directly by means of cold (Multisplit - VRV) or alternatively through a water cycle.
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Gas engine heat pumps
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