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Heat pumps and refrigerators in the Monobloc -
Efficient heating and cooling

A Monobloc with an integrated refrigerators - it cools the supply air and gives the waste heat directly to the exhaust air. Complete air conditioning. A favorite in autonomous roof centers. As Changeover system for the all-season employment: Heating and cooling with the same machine - without complex infrastructure! Combined with waste heat utilization and heat exchanger as a Recooler Heatpump. The machines use what they need, warm and/or cold weather. An ideal machine for the supply of your "temperature rails".

Mountair - Wärmepumpen
Customer benefits
  • Customer use complete climate system in a Monobloc without interfaces.
  • Central one with Changeover for all-season performane without connection of heating water or chilled water.
  • Isolated solution for user-oriented energy cost account.
  • Waste heat utilization for the heating with all-season heat sources. (Service areas/indoor swimming pools)
  • The warm and cold weather are integrated into the existing climate system with desiccant cooling.
  • Optimal performance and thereby reduced operating costs by performance-adjusted compressors.
  • Unit without separate heat exchangers with reduced place.
  • Production of cold weather with the Monobloc for cooling covers.
Description The compression refridgerator/heat pump is integrated into the process. The elements of the machines are co-ordinated with the process. The energy transfer to the consumers is done directly through the refrigerant, no losses by further intermediate circuits and system separations. Refrigerant cycle is closed. With low pressure the refrigerant evaporates (cold weather is produced) and the gas is afterwards consolidated. By the compression to a high pressure the gas becomes hot. It is condensed in the condensor at high pressure and high temperature. Here in the condenser the heat is delivered. The liquid refrigerant is available then again for the evaporation and cooling. Cyclic process between the temperature of the cold side and the warm side - a temperature stroke develops. The smaller this temperature difference between evaporation and condensing is, the less driving power is necessary. If use can be drawn at the same time from the cold side (chilled water) and the warm side (warm water), a double use develops. With the employment of the energy production the missing energy is taken up by the environment or is transferred to the environment. Buffering over earth sounding apparatuses or reconciliation over cooling back units, RC-HP APG service space cooling with waste heat utilization.
  • The Home of Fifa, patentierte RC-HP
  • APG Serverraumkühlung mit Abwärmenutzung
  • Hugo Boss Verkauf Zürich, Monobloc mit integrierter Kälte
  • Terzerina Lugano, Changeover Dachzentrale
  • Strellson Kreuzlingen, Dachzentrale mit Klimakälte
  • Ulysse Nardin, Dachzentrale mit Kälteerzeugung für Kühldecken
  • Others
Specification sheet
Heat pump
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