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Hybrid recoolers - Efficient cooling and energy use

Improve your Carnot process! Hybrid recoolers allow high load removal with minimum aerial amount in comparing the operating expenses of your refrigerant plant! Mountair Hybacos in respectable industrial execution brings the optimum recooling. They are quiet and easy for servicing and are delivered with automatic performance regulation and Freecooling.

Mountair - Hybride Rückkühler
Customer benefits
  • The big advantage lies in the deeper back chill temperature. The refrigerator runs with substantially better COP. They need less energy.
  • The hybrid back cooler needs less air, it is much more compact with the same performance as a dry cooler.
  • The operating expenses calculation shows it, investments and water consumption can be amortized in a short time.
  • Complete performance packet with control regulation also for Freecooling company.
Description Cooling of turnaround water brings very damp air in lamellar heat exchangers. Soaked up air absorbs heat and heat of evaporation which are transferred from damp blades. Hydrophilic blades assist in the creation of a uniform water film. Additional evaporation provides the way to lower average temperature of air and on the whole assists in that the airflow could take and allocate more energy. For prevention of formation of evaporation the air moisture on an output is on removal from a line of the sated vapor.
  • Roche Kaiseraugst, 3 x 2 MW
  • Zürich City / PWC
  • CSS Luzern
  • Swiss Embassy Tokyo
  • Others
Brochure Mountair Hybaco 2014 pdf-Download (size: ca. 3.3 mb)
Brochure Mountair Hybaco 2014,
short information
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Specification sheet
Hybrid recoolers
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