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Laminar Flow - Air conditioning of clean rooms

With the Laminar Flow an area becomes clean space! From the standardized absolute filters the clean air flows out from laminar to current area. Here you can operate under undoubtedly optimum conditions, pack and produce. At the variable aerial speed, the right filter types and the temperature regulation, they create ideal conditions on your process. The newest knowledge develops for operation theaters in hospitals, incl. validation and decrease measurements.

Mountair - Laminar FlowMountair - Laminar Flow - Messe Moskau
Customer benefits Absolute filters H14 in gel with subpressure chamber guarantees a homogeneous, laminar differential flow. Minimum peripheral zones and aprons guarantee the best conditions to fulfill the norms and guidelines (space class / protective degrees).

  • Operating field for temperature control and current
  • Sound values in accordance with the ISO norms
  • Complete systems with media beacons and installations
  • Mistake-tolerant maximum solution
Description The Laminar flow is pursued at current speeds of m/sec 0.25 - 0.45. The final filters cross section (norm = 3 ms x 3m) is thick about the whole H14 and is scanned on site. The filters are mounted in gel cushions. The cushion is insulated again and the hollow cavity is put in subpressure. The air circulation devices are connected through the muffler. There is a sound insulating case, equipped with high-speed train ventilating fans, a muffler and a cooler. The cooler is held free of condensate. The primary air is fed by the central processing, besides, drying equipment must be anticipated.
  • Schulthessklinik ZH, 3 OP's
  • SHK Moskau
  • Others
Specification sheet Laminar Flow pdf-Download (size: ca. 60 kb)
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