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Walterroller For over 50 years our company’s products provide for the right temperatures. Pointing the way developments for the cold and climate technology have brought worldwide recognition to our company. Even with extreme requirements our aerial coolers, climate chests provide for the observance of the desired temperatures.

FMG Verfahrenstechnik AG The FMG Verfahrenstechnik AG is our competent partner for complete solutions in the process technology and production engineering. Storage and Handling of metal, long property and other production materials count also to the nuclear competence of the FMG as comprehensive manufacturing solutions and skilled consultation performances in the process technology.

Homeaccess Mountair AG can offer upon request the installed circulatory compound systems upon her thermal efficiency as well as the annual level of utilization by means of controllers and allow supervision. We will present you in detail all the possibilities available with the used regulators DDC.

Please ask for the password at or give us a call at Mountair AG 0041 (0) to 71 686 64 64.

Gencold GENCOLD S.r.l. e una nuova realta produttiva che entra a far parte del mondo della refrigerazione civile ed industriale. GENCOLD S.r.l . trae origine, cosi come la sua denominazione, dalla fusione di: GENERALE IMPIANTI ed ECOCOLD.

Exprocad Exprocad Ltd. - software engineering company that is specialized in the development of special CAD software with user and graphic interfaces, designing and calculation programs. Our software provides different solutions for engineers to make their work easy and more convenient.

Huizinga Technisch Handelsburo (HTH) Heat Transfer Holland (HTH) Heat transfer systems - Huizinga Technically Handelsburo (HTH) Heat transfer Holland (HTH).

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