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News: 20 Years Mountair - A Momentum

January, 2014

Today, after 20 years Mountair, a momentum is visible. People have needs – also a need to build, run and own something beautiful and lasting. It is our mission to build these robust facilities; to conceive systems that run economically. It is fortunate that some property owners pay their own bills; operators are more interested in durable solutions.

You know the life cycle costs of installations. In this way solutions can be expanded, improved and reinvented again and again by creative ideas. QR codes, which are assigned to every device, enable fast access on spot to the operating instructions. Use the Mountair app. A lot is linked through this and through decentralised intelligence. We have to understand the processes and make them reproducible for the future.

An example is heat recovery. We understand it as a component which is triggered by a continuous signal. In case of the rotor, the speed is set, in case of plate heat exchangers the bypass is fixed and we want a continuous signal for power control in case of the combined cycle system. The rest of it is decentralised intelligence in the Mountair Airsol® controller. The function is now defined and is given an address through which you have access at anytime. Our monobloc in glass represents this transparency; we measure, optimise and check.

The continuous switching from controlled cooling to free cooling in hydraulic systems is also new. Combined with liquid amplifying it opens up the possibility of efficient solutions. The heat pump separates the temperature ranges, from zero to the maximum up to the system separation and switch over. In this area, Mountair has not only obtained patents but has also won awards. Thanks. The second part of the mission is to finish something; therefore rely on Mountair.

We bring you an innovative solution for your needs, be it the new hybrid recooler or another product from the Mountair pipeline.

Twentieth anniversary, twenty references, your wonderful buildings have always motivated us to provide suitable techniques. Under the motto “beautiful buildings deserve robust installations”. They are a value conserving part of the structure. That’s our profession.

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