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News: Clima 2005, Lausanne

October, 2005
Clima 2005, Lausanne Mountair AG is a sponsor of the 8th World REHVA Clima Congress in 2005 in Lausanne.

Download fair brochure: pdf-Download (size: ca. 2.6 MB, in englisch)

Company Objective

Clima 2005, Lausanne Future Systems must be sustainable.

The challenge starts in the demand for comfort!

Can we operate our systems on more economical temperature levels? Yes, we can!

Separating the latent load

Clima 2005, Lausanne The challenge of creating new systems is a function of more effective use of resources Mountair Desiccant Air Systems.

Separating the latent load:
  • Fresh Air Systems for the latent load
  • Room Terminal Devices for sensible load

Optimize your system

Clima 2005, Lausanne Carnot optimized Equipment

Lowering temperature difference:
  • Hybrid Recooling / Freecooling for lower Condensation
  • Efficient Heat Exchangers lowering the Temperature Approach
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