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News: Certification of a gas engine heat pump AISIN

March, 2006

Mountair - Zertifizierung AISIN Gasmotor-Wärmepumpe

Heat and cool with only one device!

"This is positive news for the whole gas industry" said Max Aeberhard, manager of Mountair AG.

Now with the occurred certification of the gas engine heat pump AISIN TGNP 140/180 the first such devices are available for the Swiss market.

Heat pumps driven by gas engine have the following advantages:
  • one device is used for both heating and cooling (summer and winter with gas)
  • Better performance figures are showed in winter with engine waste heat utilization

The AISIN GEHP comes from one of the best companies. AISIN is a product of Toyota Corporation, this company provides high quality equipment not only in the automobile construction. Also the GEHP's of AISIN distinguish itself by the deepest servicing sound maintenance of the products in the market. The high expectations of these devices could be fulfilled by the first pilot's arrangements. The GEHP was introduced in the Swissbau in Basel as well as in the Expovina in Martigny under big interest to the audience. The economic advantages and the care security are decisive for the application of the GEHP.

Mountair AG general importer for Switzerland:

Mountair AG
Sonnenwiesenstrasse 14
8280 Kreuzlingen

Download brochure: pdf-Download (size: ca. 3.2 MB)

Mountair - Zertifizierung AISIN Gasmotor-Wärmepumpe
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