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News: T2 roof-top air handling unit,
air conditioning system for Sauter Bachmann

April, 2006

Project details:

Two roof top conditioners with 60'000 m3/h are moved on a warm base. The central airing of roof top conditioners therefore heat - technically as a part of the building. All connections feed directly from below. Unnecessary roof penetrations are avoided.

Fresh air systems are equipped for top performance - use Airsol (R) for the heat recovery. Mountair T2 roof top conditioners have wall strengths of 60 mms (0.4 W / m² / K) . This solution is very economic, because of its energy-optimal and is made with top Swiss Quality.

Mountair - T2 Dachzentralen für Sauter Bachmann Netstal Mountair - T2 Dachzentralen für Sauter Bachmann Netstal

Partners of the project:

  • Planning engineer: B B engineering, Gisikon
  • Airing enterpriser: Steiner AG, Mollis
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