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Plate heat exchanger system: Classic PLT

Alpenklang PLT
Studio PLT
Classic PLT
Wellness PLT
Energypool PLT
Plattenwärmetauscher: Classic PLT

Functional description

Simple and effective heat recovery through aluminium lamellar plate heat exchanger. Warm and cold air streams are passed in lamellar plate heat exchanger one by another - thus there is a heat exchange. In transitive area the part of an air stream of exhaust air is spent past plate heat exchanger and adjusted by the valve bypass.For adiabatic cooling exhaust air is humidified. The contact dampener supervises quality of water. The supply air incurs cooling in plate heat exchanger and reaches cooling nearby 8K. Additional heating and if necessary, drainage: conditioner Ecocold Extern (EE). Fans with 2-step three-phase electric motors. Adjustment – through temperature. Compact regulator DDC with a distributive case according to norms, such as Penta t.a.c. With periphery LONBUS and the modem (option). Instructions of the external set parameters through BUS.


Fresh air units for offices with high standard. Guidance of air load. Lightweight constructions with additional fresh air humidification for winter. Schoolhouses and manufacture rooms. Restaurants, bars, hotel halls. Rest rooms. Main applications without active moist control. No moist recovery. The dry supply air temperature efficiency is approx. 65%.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 643 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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