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Plate heat exchanger system: Energypool PLT

Alpenklang PLT
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Wellness PLT
Energypool PLT
Plattenwärmetauscher: Energypool PLT

Functional description

High-efficiency heat recovery through double lamellar plate heat exchanger PP. In a double lamellar heat exchanger warm and cold airflows are passed one by another, and there is a heat exchange. Due to a high degree recuperation there is a raised emission of condensate (exhaust air), and in the evaporator following it the condensate leaves from air. In supply air the energy required for secondary heat, is allocated from air, surplus of heat is allocated through condenser and used. Built-in pump, adjustment of pressure of condensate and parallel use. In transitive area the part of airflow of exhaust air is passed by an exchanger (it is adjusted by the bypass valve ). Atmospheric (intaking) air is preferable to the active control of humidity. Additional heating, if necessary, PWW. Fans with a direct drive as wheels with a free course. The converter of frequency. Adjustment through humidity and temperature (comparison of thermal function). Compact regulator DDC with a distributive case according to norms, such as SAIA with periphery LONBUS and the modem (option). Adjustment of supply air – on humidity to displacement of a preset value. Instructions of the externally set parameters through BUS are possible.


Comfortable conditioners for beauty salons, wellness, closed pools and saunas. Use of energy of departing heat from moisture removal as heat-carrier for the tank and preliminary heating of required warm water. Removal of loading through air. Dry supply air – temperature efficiency is about 78 %.


Technical data: pdf-Download (Grösse: 643 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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