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Plate heat exchanger system: Studio PLT

Alpenklang PLT
Studio PLT
Classic PLT
Wellness PLT
Energypool PLT
Plattenwärmetauscher: Studio PLT

Functional description

High-efficiency heat recovery through double lamellar plate heat exchanger PP. In a double lamellar heat exchanger warm and cold airflow are passed one by another, and there is a heat exchange. Due to a high degree of recuperation there is a raised emission of a condensate (exhaust air), and in the evaporator the condensate leaves the air. In supply air the energy required for secondary heat, is allocated from air, surplus of heat is allocated through condencer and reused. The built-in pump, adjustment of pressure of condensate and parallel use. In transitive area the part of airflow of exhaust air is passed by an exchanger (it is adjusted by the bypass valve). Additional heat, if necessary, PWW up to constant temperature of supply air. Fans with motors from EU. The switching block and a regulator for maintenance of constant volumetric expense and pressure, as well as operation, optimum energy on expenses in the field of a partial load. The compensation of pollution of filters and other influences of pressure. Adjustment through temperature. Included protection against freezing.


Studios, residential buildings, ventilation of offices. Installations of replaced air. Installations without devices of additional heating. Premises with long or continuous working hours. Lamellar exchangers are simple, static parts for heat recovery. An air stream of exhaust air and supply air should be passed in the device together. Temperature efficiency is about 80%.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 643 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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