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Plate heat exchanger system: Wellness PLT

Alpenklang PLT
Studio PLT
Classic PLT
Wellness PLT
Energypool PLT
Plattenwärmetauscher: Wellness PLT

Functional description

High-efficiency heat recuperation through double lamellar plate heat exchanger PP (DPLT). In a double lamellar exchanger warm and cold air streams are passed one by another, and there is a heat exchange. Because of a high degree of recuperation there is a raised emission of a condensate and danger of freezing. In transitive area the part of an air stream of exhaust air is spent by an exchanger (it is adjusted by the bypass valve). The double lamellar exchanger is made from ??. Additional heating, if necessary, PWW. For adiabatic coolings exhaust air is humidified. Supply air incurs this cooling in a double lamellar exchanger and reaches cooling of nearly 10K. Additional cooling and, if necessary, drainage: internal conditioner Heat Pump (HP), fans with 2-step three-phase electric motors. Adjustment through temperature. Compact regulator DDC with a distributive case according to norms, such as Penta t.a.c. With periphery LONBUS and the modem (option). Adjustment of supply air on exhaust air, depending on the load. Instructions of the external set parameters through BUS.


Installations of supply air for beauty salons, wellness and offices of a high level. Removal of load through air. For easy structures with additional humidification of supply air mainly for use during the winter period. Fitness-centers, sports halls, halls of hotels. Premises for rest. Studios, inhabited constructions. Ventilation of offices. Installations of replaced air. Installations without devices of additional heating. Premises with long or continuous working hours. Minergie Häuser. Lamellar exchangers are simple, The main application – without the active control of humidity. Any return of humidity. Dry supply air – the efficiency of air temperature is about 78 %.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 643 kb)
Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 643 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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