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Products for air conditioning and energy conversion

Mountair AG is a comprehensive system supplier for air conditioning and energy conversion systems, in particular devices for airing, climate control and energy efficiency. Airing, cooling, heating as well as climate control with optimum energy efficiency are the central performance dimensions. Customized arrangements and services provide efficient and optimized solutions for our customers.

Desiccant Air Systeme

Desiccant Air Systems

This is fresh air comfort! Attractive investment costs of a "state of the art" climate system, we use our long-standing experience with Desiccant systems.
Hybride Rückkühler

Hybrid recoolers

Improve your Carnot process. Hybrid recoolers allow a high load removal with minimum air volume.
Gasmotor Wärmepumpen

Circuit connected systems

Circuit connected systems - Airsol KVS WRG heat recovery with water-glycol mixture cycle and completely separated supply air and exhaust air streams.
Gasmotor Wärmepumpen

Heat pumps

A Monobloc with an integrated refrigerators - it cools the supply air and gives the waste heat directly to the exhaust air. Complete air conditioning, a favorite in autonomous roof centers.
Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow

With the Laminar Flow an area becomes clean space! Here you can undoubtedly operate under optimum conditions, produce and pack.
Customized Air Handler

Customized air handlers

Every application needs the right heat recovery! Profit from the modular engineering with energy-optimum solutions.
T2 Dachzentrale

Roof top conditioners T2 type

T2 roof top conditioners grew to be No. 1 in the market, available in different systems and standards. Besides, architectural aesthetics is combined with practical servicing possibility.

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