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Quality in the air conditioning and energy conversion

In the following you will find further information on the quality of single components and elements from Mountair to systems and solutions of the air processing and energy conversion.

Basic frames

Screwed and welded construction made of steel, hot-dip galvanized, with adjustable base.

Flexible connections and dampers

The countercurrent lamellar aluminium valve with inserted linings. The drive mechanism is inserted into the structure, square leading axis. Connection frames - F30. Valves tight, according to DIN 1946, some leading axes on a bearing surface and a twisting instant. Flexible inserts made of fiber glass fabric (fiber glass) with bilateral covering. Category of burning VLg3, thermostability - up to 150°C. Zinced or category V2A.


Elements of the filter according to norms in central frame stand. The basis with powder / V2A. Filtration cells in rotating hollow structures EPDM. Steps of filters up to H14. The reading of loss of pressure with manometer Dwyer 2000. Use of the checked up filtration cells – norm EN 779. Jacks of filtration cells with wooden frames, plastic or metal frames. Can be purchased at the online-shop


Centrifugal fans of high quality of manufacturing with the highest efficiency, a product of Gehardt. Definition of the separate sizes – depending on the use. The motor of the tension carriage with central coupling - manufacturer AEG. A drive with wedge or a flat belt. All flat belts are established in 2 axial adjustable tension carriages. Engines with thermostat with positive temperature factor for operation with the converter of frequency, manufacturer Danfoss VLT. The fan and the engine are established on stable welded frames and are fixed on a frame design through dampers. Break of communication from pressure - a flexible insert. Fans with wiring with a measuring ring in inlet and the direct reading of volumetric expense. Sector of the fan with viewing glass and illumination.

Sound attenuator

Calculation of sizes of side scenes of sound attenuators by acoustic principle. Frame material: zinced / pv or VA. The manufacturer of side scenes - LBF. Mineral fibres are steady to abrasion. Observance of norms, cancerogenic index KI> 40.


Contact humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier, double humidifier, ultrasonic and steam humidifier. A built-in body inside V2A with a bath and a drain. Availability and design is in accordance with operating hygienic instructions. Additional equipment with bactericidal lamps, measurement of quality of water and the automated clearing of dirt. Requirements to water feed are prescribed by the system. Design: supply air dampener,, adiabatic dampener of exhaust air or a tandem.

Circuit connected system Airsol®

Heat exchangers with the pointer precise heat-carrier are standardized on 70 % of efficiency and 80 % of annual operating ratio. Calculation of profitability and annual consumption of energy – precise and real. Complex system equipment with the hydraulic block and control arrangement of recuperation. Copper pipes min. 0,5 mm. Blades min. 0,2 mm. Frames made of stainless steel or AlMg3. Collectors: copper with a groove from foundry zinc bronze. All heat exchangers are made of non-ferrous metals. Heat exchangers are optimized for the maximal percent of the countercurrent Pressure PN 16. Design in accordance with Eurovent, compliance with hygienic aspects concerning cleaning. Pipes in system from steel, copper and chromeplated steel.

Plate heat exchangers Airsol®

Execution: as a heater, a cooler, the evaporator, the condenser in a similar way to high-efficiency unified system of circulation. The accumulator of an air cooler: a water bath from V2A, a drain (merged) downwards with an external groove. Drop eliminator in a frame from the chromeplated steel. A bath with a slope, a drain (merged) downwards. The accumulator of heater from CU/Alu/V2A/Ms. Design and execution on system AiRsOlj; "good engineering" brand. Installation on sliding trunks: a standard countercurrent at the bottom upwards. More information:

Protection grid against frost

Details of a protective lattice from freezing and the holder of the capillary gauge are equipped by handles as a drawer.

Rotor heat exchanger

Rotor recuperators in the cartridges welded and covered by powder paint. Rotors for high recuparation temperatures and moisture – from aluminium. Surfaces oxidized or with epoxide covering. Rotors made for sea water are protected from influence. The integrated details and bearings on paws, lining, washing zone, a drive, management and control.

Sorptive rotor Dezecor®

High-power rotors from inorganic fibres with zeolite of low temperature. Alongside with high efficiency rotors of Dezecor differ selective loading of water (any carry of a smell) and in low temperatures of regeneration. Hermetic sealing of a rotor on the cartridge is made by means of using high-quality lining from contact rings. A drive operated by number of turns, with the included control of the rotor course. Systems of drives of a direct current for external positioning conditions at a constant twisting instant. Uses dehumidifier air systems / use of departing heat. The system software for calculation and simulations. More information at:

Plate heat exchanger

Recuperative return of heat it is applied to aluminium lamellar plate heat exchanger. Departing heat is spent on a package plate heat exchanger and thus warms up cold intaking air. The steady valve of bypass enables to adjust capacity (productivity). Recuperative plate heat exchanger condenses latent heat (moisture) from exhaust air. Calculation in view of stratification of temperatures and dangers of a frost. Chromeplated steel – dripping water bath. Design, same as double lamellar plate heat exchanger, when epoxide covering is used.

Refrigerators - Heat pumps

The complex refrigerating machinery, depending on gradation capacity, is divided on separate compressors (superchargers). Coolant R407c, R134a or R507. Units are separate or built-in. Design, with condenser air and bypass intaking air, as system Changeover, as the thermal pump of a bath with the built-in condenser of the water environment of a bathroom. Complex internal system of pipelines, isolation, a distributive case, with arrangements for protection and the interface of communication.


Completely automatic control. The description of the system and adjustment of the scheme of electric connections, a distributive case, internal distributing, IBS - the certificate of reception-transfer with instructions on maintenance service. The adjustment consisting of measuring elements, Regulator (centre value of data distribution) and agencies. The interface of communication (BUS), modem and remote service. Manufacturers: Siemens, t.a.c., SAIA, Wago or of the client’s choice. Standard devices – with a compact regulator of Siemens.

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