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Recirculation air systems: Event UML

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Umluftsysteme: Event UML

Functional description

Operation mode with variable circulating air/atmospheric (outside) air through economic damper regulation. The part of atmospheric air is used by rotor heat exchanger for heat recovery. Thus, optimum operation on power inputs is possible. The minimal need of atmospheric (intaking) air is fixed through limiting the value of CO2. Additional heating - PWW, and cooling PKW (Ecocold Extern), fans with the converter of frequency and the control of volume. Adjustment through temperature-humidity parameters or parameters of thermal function. It is delivered with the built-in distributive case, the interface and the modem.


Special-purpose markets, trading institutions, sports halls, offices, industrial constructions, factory shops, working facilities and buildings. If pollution is insignificant, it is possible to work with recirculation air. The indispensable part of atmospheric (intaking) air is significantly lower than total of air. Air-conditioning of greater airflows completes roof-top conditioners. Special solutions in the field of sanitation are possible.


Technical data: pdf-Download (Grösse: 191 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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