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Recirculation air systems: Microlab UML

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Microlab UML
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Umluftsysteme: Microlab

Functional description

Air-conditioning of premises by the box-type conditioner with recirculation air. Air is filtered, heated up or cooled by external means of maintenance. Fans with a direct drive with variable number of turns. Submission of primary air – through the built-in regulator of the volumetric charge. Optional modules for the conditioner, dryers and a dampener, and also a step of final filtration through HEPA. Internal pumps, gates (valves) and system pipes, and also additional means of maintenance with primary air and water/drain are built-in. The built-in distributive case with an automatic regulator and control panel. The case with electric installation is ready for operation.


Places of work of electronics and switching centres, laboratories, places for carrying out of measurements, clear industrial rooms, rooms where packing is done, specialized warehouses, chambers for carrying out experiences, refrigerating chambers, drying rooms, thermal chambers. Box-type conditioners are ideal for air-conditioning separate premises depending on their size. For laboratory structures they guarantee, in a combination to maintenance with primary air, individual climatisation.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 191 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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