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Rotor heat exchanger system: Economist ROT

Klimafritz ROT
Economist ROT
Oekosaison ROT
Rotorsysteme: Economist ROT

Functional description

Very effective heat recovery through aluminium rotor heat exchanger. Warm and cold air streams mutually load the rotor. A rotating wheel of the rotor transfers heat and moisture. Moisture content is reduced to a minimum by means of epoxide coverings. In the field of transition supply air is conditioned only by means of regulation of number of turns of the rotor – without extraneous energy.

Adiabatic cooling, type: ROT-AD expansion ROT with «soft cooling» function by means of adiabatic humidification of exhaust air. Exhaust air is cooled by means of humidification up to humidity temperature. Then this « old temperature» is transferred by the rotor to the supply air. Downturn of temperature 8-10K. Adiabatic cooling moisture content is undesirable, therefore rotors with epoxide covering are used.

The following systems of humidification are used as dampeners of exhaust air:

  • Contact dampener for operations with soft water. Standard pattern for Mountair KVS-AD.
  • Operation with desalted water. Appropriate use at simultaneous humidification of supply air in winter through one arrangement.

Additional heat, as required, PWW and optional cooling by conditioner Ecocold Extern (EE) fans with the converter of frequency and the control of volume. Adjustment through temperature-humidity parameters or parameters of thermal function. It is delivered with the built-in distributive case, the interface and the modem.


Replaced installations in office buildings, buildings of archives, office buildings, industrial premises without significant air pollution, schools, theatres, shopping centers. Rotor exchangers save place and are very effective. Due to an opportunity of enthalpy heat recovery, it is very suitable for air humidification.Possible cross-section pollution is reduced to a minimum due to isolation and pressure difference. The air stream, exhaust air and supply air should move in the installation together. The efficiency of temperature makes about 80 %, moisture - 45-75 %.


Technical data: pdf-Download (size: 415 kb)
Source: Mountair Aircode 2004


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