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System choice: industry and processing

The company Mountair AG is known to be a comprehensive system supplier for the aerial processing, air conditioning and energy conversion. Special made products and services lead to efficient and optimized solutions for the airing technology, climate technology and energy efficiency.


Wash devices x x
Vegetables drying unit x x
Packing clean room x x
Slaughter floor x x x
Dry primary air unit x
Dry warehouse x x
Humid warehouse x
Bakery x
Dairy x
Cheese cellar x
Production of delicatessen x
Deep chill food production x x
Gelatinization x x x
Drinks bottling x x
Warehouses x x

Raw products
Textiles x x
Paper x x x
Plastic x x
Glass x x x
Metal / foundring x

Devices and machines
Decolletage x x x
Pressing punches x
Equipment preparation x x
Welding / Soldering x
Engine tests x x x

Printing and Graphics
Rotation x x x
Equipment x x
Spedition x x
Image processing x x
Photo and Film x x x

Paint shop
Car varnishing x x
Primary air x x

Legend & Explanation

UML: Recirculation air system
    PLT:   Plate heat exchanger
    UML:   Rotor heat exchanger
    KVS:   Circuit connected system
    DESI:   Desiccant, Dezecor®
    AD:   Adiabatic Cooling
    EE:   External chiller
    HP:   Heat pump

Please find further explanations on the overview page for air conditioning systems.

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